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Recognition of vaccines | Vaccination certificates outside the EU

Vaccines recognised by Belgium

The following COVID-19 vaccines are recognised by Belgium:

  • EMA (European Medicines Agency) certified vaccines
    • Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty)
    • Moderna
    • AstraZeneca/Oxford (Vaxzevria)
    • Janssen
  • Covishield

Vaccination certificates outside the EU

A vaccination certificate proves that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You are fully vaccinated when your last injection is at least 2 weeks old and the vaccine is EMA-certified or Covishield.

From 1 September, vaccination certificates from non-EU countries will also be accepted in Belgium under certain conditions (see below), pending their equivalence agreement with the EU.

The certificate must contain at least following information in Dutch, French, German or English:

  • data allowing the identity of the vaccinated person to be deduced (name, date of birth and/or identification number);
  • data demonstrating that all the doses provided for in the leaflet have been administered for at least two weeks of a recognised vaccine in Belgium;
  • the brand name and the name of the manufacturer or marketing authorisation holder of each vaccine that was delivered;
  • the injection date of each dose of the delivered vaccine;
  • the name of the country where the vaccine was delivered;
  • the issuer of the vaccination certificate with his or her signature, stamp or unique digitally readable certificate identification code.