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Take care of yourself and your emotions

During this period, it’s quite normal to feel stressed, disoriented, fearful, depressed or angry. Don’t suppress your emotions.

There are various organizations, initiatives and professional care providers that can help you. An overview:

Where can I go for questions?

  • General information number: Red Cross volunteers are available to provide you with psychological assistance. They listen to all your questions and concerns. You can reach them on 0800 14 689 (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.).

Get routine in your day-to-day life

You have to stay at home, it feels like the walls are closing in and you’re bored. This is normal: your life has been turned upside down. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get up and go to bed at regular times. Plan your day and your week. Keep to the schedule you’ve drawn up. Eat healthy, balanced meals. Make time for physical exercise and schedule phone calls with your friends and family.