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The number of tests beyond 10 000 per day since April 15

In the last few days, there were many requests for explanation on the number of PCR tests performed. Therefore, Sciensano and the Taskforce Testing have streamlined reporting to provide a realistic picture of the daily number of tests performed in our country.

This overview shows that from 15 April onwards, the benchmark of 10 000 daily tests was exceeded. Afterwards, there was an increase up to 15 000 tests per day.

As for the calculation method used in the reporting, Sciensano follows the Risk Management Group (RMG) epidemiological guidelines with regard to testing criteria. For medical interest, the focus was primarily on the (severe) symptoms reported by patients and the need for hospitalisation. Patients who were tested several times are only counted once in the report. That is why the actual number of tests performed via our hospitals, clinical laboratories and within the federal testing platform could be under-reported.

This has led to the decision to publish a clear reporting on the number of tests performed via Sciensano, which is reflected in the chart below. It is noticeable that the 10 000 tests/day level was exceeded on 15 April and has gone up to 15 000 tests (yesterday), reaching 18 000 tests on 23 April.

The evolution of the number of daily tests is shown in the chart below.