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Nine Belgians safely repatriated from Wuhan in China

Today nine Belgians were voluntarily repatriated from Wuhan in China. They boarded a plane of the French government that first made a stopover in Istres near Marseille to bring the French passengers home. The plane then flew on to the military airport of Melsbroek in our country. Besides the Belgian passengers there were also Dutch, Danes, Czechs and Slovaks aboard the plane. They travelled on to their homeland from Melsbroek.

Upon arrival of the plane a passport check and a brief medical examination were carried out. Then the passengers could rest for a while in a separate room. From the airport of Melsbroek, the journey of the Belgian passengers continued to the military hospital in Neder-Over-Hembeek. In order to exclude any public health risk, the repatriated Belgians are kept in isolation from others throughout the entire process. Only a professional medical team has contact with them.

Since their arrival in the military hospital the nine Belgians have been quarantined. The medical team will now perform the necessary tests to make sure that none of the Belgians have contracted the coronavirus in China. A group of prominent Belgian scientists and virologists provides advice to make sure that all risks are eliminated.

After the challenging living conditions the Belgians experienced in China, and a long return flight, they can now rest from their journey and receive the best medical care in a safe setting. Over the next few days, the FPS Health will keep you informed about their health.