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Latest news on the state of health of Belgians returning from Wuhan

The two Belgians placed in quarantine since last night at the military hospital of Neder-Over-Heembeek have tested negative for the new coronavirus. To avoid any risk, these 2 persons have been placed in quarantine for 14 days and will be tested again in the coming days. They are in good health and show no symptoms.

The 8 Belgians who returned to Belgium on 2 February are also in good health and show no symptoms. They have been in quarantine for 8 days and have been tested 3 times by the KULeuven laboratory. All the tests were negative for everyone.

The only Belgian who tested positive for coronavirus is still staying at Saint Peter’s Hospital in Brussels. This person is also in good health and shows no symptoms. According to the tests, his level of infection seems to be gradually decreasing. This person is receiving care adapted to his situation and remains in isolation until the contamination has completely disappeared.

The authorities and the health sector remain extremely alert. At the slightest suspicion, the persons presumably infected are tested for the presence of the virus. This has been done 99 times, but all these tests have been negative.

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