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6 new cases of Covid-19 by the end of the spring holidays

Last night, a contamination by the Covid-19 virus has been observed with 6 of our fellow countrymen. 5 patients are from Flanders and 1 patient from Brussels. They all show the same moderate symptoms such as fever, coughing and sneezing. They are presently receiving appropriate care in a secured environment.

They are also followed by the doctors of the Flemish Regional Agency ‘Zorg en Gezondheid’ and of the Common Community Committee (COCOM) in Brussels. Both administrations are also tracing the people who have been in contact with these patients since their return, to allow to test them if necessary.

Northern Italy

All 6 persons have been recently in Northern Italy.

The new contaminations in our country coincide with the end of the spring holidays. Many Belgian people returned from abroad in the past days. This resulted in an increasing number of tests with persons showing suspicious symptoms. 140 tests in total have been performed last night and in the morning at the reference laboratory of the KULeuven. Their outcome is 6 positive cases.

8 citizens

The total amount of Belgian citizens contaminated by the new coronavirus is now 8 persons. The person with whom the first contamination had been observed in early February is no longer a carrier of the virus and has been allowed to return home after the quarantine period.