Let's protect eachother against respiratory infections.

47 new Covid-19 infections

On 10 March, the network of national reference laboratories analysed 639 samples. 47 samples appeared to be positive for the Covid-19 virus (29 in Flanders, 7 in Brussels, 11 in Wallonia).

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the total number of infections in Belgium now amounts to 314.

Once again, we notice an increase in the number of new cases. Our hospitals also see more and more persons suffering from lower respiratory tract infections. This might be the sign of a real epidemic in our country.

It is time now to protect oneself and to protect each other from the COVID-19. Together, we can slow down the spread of the virus. This will allow to make beds and care available in hospitals for persons who really need it and it will help our hospitals, our doctors and our paramedical staff. Together, we must protect our fellow countrymen in poor health condition, suffering from chronic diseases or elderly people. Read here what everyone can do at its own level.