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10 new patients contaminated by the Covid-19 virus in our country out of 495 tests performed in the reference laboratory

On 3 March, the reference laboratory of the KULeuven performed 495 tests on the coronavirus. 10 tests are positive for Covid-19.

9 patients out of the 10 positive for Covid-19 are back from a trip in Northern Italy. They have developed an upper respiratory infection with a relatively light flu condition. They are in confinement at home.

One patient has developed a more severe respiratory infection and therefore has been admitted to the St-Peter Hospital in Brussels. This patient had not been travelling, but after thorough investigation with his contacts, he appeared to have been in contact with a patient positive for Covid-19 who had travelled to Venetia. Up to now, 23 infections in total by the Covid-19 virus have been detected in Belgium. We expect this number to keep on increasing.

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