Get your Covid-19-shot this autumn and stay safe.

Code orange

  • Hospitality: no curfew
  • Nightlife reopens (70% capacity)
  • Working from home recommended


  • No curfew
  • Unlimited number of people/table
  • Facemask for staff
  • Reopening nightlife at 70% capacity
  • CST: mandatory indoors and outsiders over 100


  • All public indoor and outdoor events allowed
  • Facemask for non-dynamic indoor activities
  • Facemask for staff during dynamic indoor and outdoor activities
  • CST from 50 particpants indoor and 100 outdoors

Organized leisure activities

  • Outdoors: no limit on capacity
  • Indoors: max. 200 people

Latest travel rules: online at Facemask: over 12 years old (from 19/02)