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Colour codes by country

Here you find more information about the colour codes by region or by country. You can read more about the measures that apply to travelling to and from Belgium here.

Colour codes

Each country is given a colour code. The measures applicable to travel to Belgium depend on the colour code assigned to the country in question.

  • Red colour code: regions or countries where individuals are at a high risk of infection.
  • Orange colour code: regions or countries for which a moderately elevated risk of infection has been identified.
  • Green colour code: regions or countries for which a low risk of infection has been identified.

For countries in the EU and the Schengen Area

  • This list is updated every Sunday and is valid from the Monday immediately following.It is based on the data and criteria communicated by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) every Thursday.
  • Has the colour code changed to red? In that case, the colour code is valid as from the Wednesday following the Sunday notification.
  • All EU and Schengen Area countries have a red colour code, with the exception of:
Country/region Orange Green
Denmark Zealand, Southern Denmark, Central Jutland, North Jutland /
Greece North Aegean, South, Aegean, Ionian Islands /
Spain Galicia, Extremadura, Valencian Community, Baleares, Murcia, Canary Islands /
Finland South Finland, Helsinki Uusimaa, Aland, West Finland North and East Finland
Ireland Northern & Western Ireland, Southern Ireland /
Iceland All /
Malta All /
Norway Innlandet, Adger and Southeastern Norway, Western Norway Trondelag, Northern Norway
Portugal All with the exception of Autonomous Region of the Azores /

As of Wednesday 28 April, the following regions will be given a red colour code:

  • Greece: Epirus

San Marino, Vatican City, Monaco and Andorra (which are considered to be countries of the European Union): red

For third countries

  • All countries listed in Annex 1 of the EU Council Recommendation on the temporary restriction of non-essential travel to the EU and its possible lifting are given a green or orange colour code (You can find more information on this Recommendation here). This list is updated every two weeks by the Council of the EU. Colour code green or orange is assigned by analogy with the criteria used by ECDC for the EU/Schengen countries. As of 28 January 2021, the following countries are on the list:
    • Australia: green
    • New Zealand: green
    • Rwanda: green
    • Singapore: green
    • South Korea: green
    • Thailand: green

China and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao will not be resumed because the condition of reciprocity has not been met and are therefore coloured red.

  • All other third countries are to be given a red colour.

More information about the travel restrictions and related measures: